Penny K Design is a jewellery company that has been creating handcrafted one of a kind pieces since 1993. Born and raised in Toronto, Penny has always had a passion for unique and handmade jewellery. More than 20 years ago she was out shopping and when she couldn't find a piece that was exactly right, she took a family member's advice and made it herself. Creative by nature, that bracelet and the unique designs she has created since, have brought a steady stream of clients to her door.

Her pieces have received international attention as well. While living abroad in Athens, Greece she opened a store selling her unique creations. These days you will find Penny in her studio just north of Toronto where she continues to custom design bridal and formal wear jewellery and accessories including Greek Orthodox Wedding Crowns (Stefana or Stephana), which are among her most sought out creations.

To have your own custom jewellery design created or to inquire about the designs shown in the beads or colours of your choice, please call or send an e-mail.

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